Press release: Specops uReset Now Supports Symantec VIP

Organizations using Symantec VIP can extend this authentication investment to the self-service password reset process

• Strengthened MFA with support for Symantec VIP
• Alternative to security questions in password reset situations

Stockholm, Sweden <November 10, 2016> – Specops Software announced today a new release of Specops uReset® that enhances the solution’s flexible multi-factor authentication (MFA) engine with support for Symantec™ Validation and ID Protection Service (VIP). Organizations that are currently using Symantec VIP to protect their networks and applications can now also use this in the self-service password reset process to truly protect this security vulnerability.

“Most organization’s today are using security questions as the only form of authentication used to verify users’ identities during a self-service password reset or account unlock,” says Thorbjörn Sjövold, CTO of Specops Software. “The majority of IT departments use security questions not because they are secure but rather because users are familiar with this method.”
In today’s digital world where information is easily accessible, security questions are generally recognized as insecure. Their persistence is driven by users’ familiarity with this form of authentication and IT departments’ goal of securing user acceptance and adoption of self-service password reset systems. However, with security breaches becoming common place securing password resetting – whether it’s self-driven or completed by the helpdesk – is just as important as securing other common authentication use cases that introduce risk.

Specops uReset allows security conscious organizations to strike the right balance between security and flexibility. The solution’s flexible MFA engine allows IT administrators to choose the right mix of authentication services to ensure that users can complete the reset action successfully and securely. Even when users call into the helpdesk, helpdesk users have the ability to verify their identities with any of the enrolled options. Options range from higher trust authentication methods that may be in place such as Duo Security and Symantec VIP, to ones users bring in themselves such as social media and email accounts – which can be weighted and combined.

“With IT security constantly being threatened, organizations are increasingly adopting software based MFA to secure access to systems and data in a cost effective way,” Sjövold says. “Specops uReset allows IT departments to use these existing MFA methods to address a vulnerable use case that often gets overlooked – password resets.”
For more information on Specops uReset and how it can address your self-service password reset needs in a highly secure, highly usable manner, click here.

About Specops uReset

Specops uReset is the next generation password reset solution by Specops Software. The solution revolutionizes self-service password reset by providing authentication choice through its support of flexible multi-factor authentication, multiple pre-enrollment options and a highly intuitive Web interface that can be accessed anytime, anywhere from any Internet connected device to guarantee end-user adoption, higher productivity and lower IT support costs.

About Specops Software

Specops Software is an award-winning software company that develops solutions for desktop and password management which extend the functionality of Windows infrastructure. With offices in the US, Canada, the UK and headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, Specops Software helps companies, organizations and educational institutions in more than 50 countries. Specops Software has grown steadily since it was founded in 2001 and reports strong turnover and solid profit.

(Last updated on August 2, 2018)

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