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Specops Password Policy receives 5-star rating

(Last updated on January 29, 2019)

Recently Help Net Security reviewed our password security tool, Specops Password Policy. The result was a 5-star rating, their highest possible score. They summed the tool up as “easy and intuitive to use, and works as advertised.” So just what exactly was it about Specops Password Policy that garnered such praise?

Help Net Security noted that all of the components, even those that are optional, took less than 15 minutes to install. As for the user experience, it simplified regulations and guidelines of industry standards and governing bodies with pre-loaded templates to enforce Microsoft, NIST, NCSC, and NSA recommendations. This allows organizations to create policies that comply with these standards.

Going beyond compliance is easy with the newly added Blacklist service. The add-on service makes it possible to further security by blocking users from choosing leaked, common, or vulnerable passwords. This is especially helpful if users are reusing their external passwords on corporate systems. The list of compromised passwords added to the Blacklist service is constantly growing, ensuring that your organization can stay up-to-date against the latest threats.

The freeware component Specops Password Auditor also caught their attention. This tool scans and reports on password policy settings. They found it helpful that the auditor tool was able to report on how each password policy aligns with various compliance recommendations. The flexible way in which the information was processed and presented was an added bonus.

To learn more about what helped Specops Password Policy earn such praise from Help Net Security, check out their review here.

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