Specops Authentication now supports Okta Verify

Stockholm, March, 25, 2020 – Specops Software released the latest version of its Specops Authentication platform. The platform secures self-service password reset, password change, and encryption key recovery with multi-factor authentication (MFA). The introduction of the Okta Verify authentication method advances security for these high-risk activities. Organizations currently using Okta Verify can now extend the ROI of their existing investment.

With the global pandemic crisis creating a surge in the remote workforce, the workload for IT Support has increased. The spike in support calls not only drives costs, but also increases vulnerabilities as most helpdesk departments are not securely verifying user identities. Allowing users to securely manage their own passwords, and recover encryption keys for their locked computers, reduces the call center load, and associated risk.

“With billions of data records including credentials and other PII on the dark web, insecure user verification methods such as static user details, or single-factor authentication will no longer suffice,” said Lori Österholm, CTO at Specops Software.  “One of the biggest challenges with any solution, particularly self-service or an MFA solution, is user enrollment and perceived cost. With Specops Authentication there are various options that lend themselves to pre-enrollment including support for existing commercial MFA solutions such as Duo Security, Symantec VIP, and now, Okta Verify.”

The Specops Authentication platform secures self-service password reset, remote password change, and key recovery with a shared MFA platform that supports over 15 identity providers. Enrollments shared across multiple products helps reduce end-user adoption barriers, and allows IT departments to maximize existing authentication investments.  

“MFA is proven to reduce risk vectors by requiring additional proof of the user’s identity,” Österholm said. “Specops Authentication removes the adoption and usability barriers organizations can face when rolling out MFA, as it supports factors that may already be in place in addition to providing fail-over options.”

To secure these sensitive self-service tasks, IT admins currently using Okta Verify can use this service to verify user identities.  To learn more about how Specops Authentication can secure self-service password reset click here or encryption key recovery click here.

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Specops Software is the leading provider of password management and authentication solutions. Specops protects your business data by blocking weak passwords and securing user authentication. With a complete portfolio of solutions natively integrated with Active Directory, Specops ensures sensitive data is stored on-premises and in your control. Everyday thousands of organizations use Specops Software to protect business data.

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