Specops uReset offers flexible multi-factor authentication

Press release: Specops Software launches Specops uReset to deliver flexible multi-factor authentication for password resets

  • Specops uReset eliminates the need for security questions
  • Many identity services and admin enrollment options increase usage
  • Mobile handsets can be used for high-trust authentication

Stockholm, April 23, 2015 – Specops Software announced today the launch of the next generation of self-service password reset, Specops uReset. Specops uReset helps organizations lower password reset related IT support costs, while bolstering password security through stronger forms of authentication and increasing flexibility to ensure enrollment and usage.

Specops uReset is a self-service solution that enables users to address the most common tasks related to password management including forgotten passwords, locked out Active Directory accounts and password resets. The solution revolutionizes password security by utilizing Identity Federation and Claims Based Identity to allow IT admins to select from a multitude of identity services, choosing the best combination to extend to end-users based on role in order to address varying password-related security and flexibility needs.

“Traditional identification methods, like security questions, are weak and easily compromised,” says Thorbjörn Sjövold, CTO at Specops Software. “Companies today are looking for more secure alternatives that are still easy to use. In Specops uReset we bring together high-trust multi-factor authentication with personal and company identity services that are commonly used.”

Getting users to actually use password management tools is a challenge that Specops uReset addresses with a variety of admin-enrollment options. This does not require users to enroll prior to resetting their passwords. Being able to use mobile devices as a high-trust “something you have” authentication factor addresses the security the IT departments want without compromising usability. Specops uReset offers Mobile Verification Code and mobile One Time Passwords, as well as native apps for iOS, Windows and Android.

Gartner analysts, Brian Iverson and Neil Wynne, point to the importance of alternative means of password reset authentication in the June 6, 2014 report Gartner Market Guide for Password Management Tools. The report states in its recommendations to organizations: “Take advantage of higher-trust authentication methods being offered by PM [Password Management] tools such as phone-as-a-token authentication that can bolster or replace the inherently weak and clunky Q&A methods.”

Alternatives to security questions need to be more secure and deliver a better user experience. Specops uReset does this with the more than 20 identity services, many of which employ admin enrollment. All of the identity services can be layered to achieve the right balance of security and flexibility to increase usage among end users.

About Specops uReset

Specops uReset is the next generation password reset solution by Specops Software. The solution revolutionizes password security by utilizing claims-based identity to provide flexible multi-factor authentication as a means of addressing the password reset security and flexibility needs of organizations. Specops uReset is a self-service solution that enables end users to address the most common tasks related to password management including forgotten passwords, locked out accounts and password resets and changes.

About Specops Software

Specops Software is an award-winning software company that develops solutions for desktop and password management which extend the functionality of Windows infrastructure. With offices in the US, Canada, the UK and headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, Specops Software helps companies, organizations and educational institutions in more than 50 countries. Specops Software has grown steadily since it was founded in 2001 and reports strong turnover and solid profit.

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