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Thorbjörn Sjövold

Password Management

Thorbjörn Sjövold is the Head of Research and co-founded the company in 2001. He is a visionary who is grounded in developing practical solutions that make the day-to-day activities of an IT department easier for IT pros and the end users they serve. Thorbjörn never accepts status quo if it can be improved. When he is not working he loves kickboxing and perfecting his chili recipe.

Articles written by Thorbjörn Sjövold

  • Protecting your business beyond Cyber Security Awareness Month

    Cyber Security Awareness Month shines a spotlight on internet security and raises user awareness of the threats that lurk online.  While cyber security should always be top of mind for businesses, October is a friendly reminder to take inventory of…

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  • Group Policy Caching

    How things work: Group Policy Caching

    The release of Windows 8.1 and Server 2012 R2 introduced a new Group Policy concept called Group Policy Caching. Its purpose is to reduce the time it takes to perform certain scenarios for synchronous foreground Group Policy refresh. Here’s the…

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  • PXE boot, GUIDs, and MAC addresses in Specops Deploy and WDS

    In this blog post, I will describe the core functionality in the PXE boot used by Specops Deploy. I will address prestaging, and how the MAC address, or UUID work when finding objects in AD. Pre-boot eXecution Environment (PXE) boot…

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  • How things work: Group Policy Processing

    I have recently seen an error message appear during the first logon following a Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Below is information on how the problem manifests itself, the underlying technology (hardcore Group Policy knowledge) and how to work around it…

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