Release Notes

The Release Notes provide a summary of new features and changes since the last release. The Release Notes can help you evaluate whether an upgrade is necessary.

Current Release

Version 2.5

New Features

  • Added new cmdlet that removes approved applications when a computer is decommissioned.
  • Added new cmdlet for removing all requests for a user/computer.
  • Informative event log message is displayed if a GPUpdate to a client computer fails.

Fixed Issues

  • When an administrator created a new application, the Description text field expanded horizontally to fit the text.
  • When an administrator created a number of applications, that surpassed the page size, the page number in the bottom right pane did not update immediately.
  • When an administrator exported a report, the non-ASCII characters were missing in the CSV file.

Released March 26, 2014

Version 2.4

New Features

  • Support for Windows Server 2012.
  • Added application metadata for improved search capabilities.
  • Display of UI columns can be controlled through registry settings.
  • GPUpdate command works for both uses and computers when a requested application is approved.
  • UI now shows pending application requests to the users in connection with the computer they were requested for.
  • Applications with no licenses left are now displayed in the UI, but cannot be requested.
  • Improved capability for end user messages.
  • Added link to end user messages displayed when requesting an application.
  • Improved administration for users with multiple computers.

Fixed Issues

Fixed a bug which required Specops Deploy settings to be in the same GPO as the Self
Service Portal settings to complete a configuration.
 Fixed a bug where multiple users requesting the same application to the same computer
would cause problems.
 Export to file from a report now respects the report filtering.

Released September 19, 2013