The Migration Tool

The Specops uReset Migration Tool can be used to migrate the enrollment data from security questions in Specops Password Reset into Specops uReset. The Migration Tool can also be used to migrate Specops Password Reset policy settings to uReset policy settings in the same Active Directory group policy object. This allows users to continue using their Specops Password Reset security questions with Specops uReset. Users can continue to use Specops Password Reset until Specops uReset has been rolled out.

Before you get started, you must meet the following requirements for a successful migration:

  • Specops Password Reset 6.2 or newer
  • The uReset security questions policy cannot be stricter than the Password Reset policy that was used during enrollment. For example the number of questions that is configured for uReset cannot be higher than the number of questions that was used for Specops Password Reset.
  • The uReset security questions policy cannot require questions that was not part of the enrollment in Specops Password Reset.
  • Case sensitive answers in Specops Password Reset are not supported in uReset.

Migrating SPR policies and enrollment data to uReset

The Migration Tool is available upon request from a Specops PS representative.

Pre-requisites: The Specops uReset Gatekeeper must be installed before you run the Migration Tool.

  1. Double-click the Spr.Migration application, and walk through the installation steps.
  2. Once the tool installation is complete, launch the SPR Enrollment Migration Tool.
  3. You will need to migrate the Specops Password Reset policy settings to uReset policy settings before you can migrate enrollment data. Click Migrate Policies.
  4. Select the Specops Password Reset policy you want to migrate, and click Next. You will be required to confirm your selection. Click Yes.
  5. In the Result page, you will see the list of policies that were successfully migrated to uReset. If a policy migration result was Failed, or Skipped, you can click View for additional information.
  6. Click Finish when you have completed the policy migration.
  7. Click Migrate Users to migrate the enrollment data.
  8. Select the Active Directory scope for which you want the user enrollment data migrated to Specops uReset, and click Next.
  9. Specify the follow-up action for users that already have an uReset Security Question Enrollment. You will have the following options:
    • Do not update the uReset enrollment information with the Specops Password Reset Enrollment information (Recommended)
    • Update the uReset enrollment information with the previous Specops Password Reset Enrollment information.
  10. Click Next.
  11. In the search result page, you will see the number of users that have a Specops Password Reset Enrollment. Click Next to migrate their enrollment data to uReset.
  12. In the Migration page you will see an overview of the Migration results. You can cancel the migration at any time if you notice multiple failed migrations. To find out why a migration failed, click View. You can also Re-run a failed migration from the migration page.

Once you have migrated the enrollment data from security questions, you can enroll your users for additional identity services. Specops uReset allows the administrator to enroll users to the system, without requiring users to go through the enrollment process. This can be achieved with various identity services that may have identifier information stored in Active Directory.