Upgrading the Specops Authentication Client

The Client Side Extension is an MSI based installer that comes in either x86 or x64 format, and can be used with generic switches and options to install, replace, and remove. Typically no packaging or switches are required.

The Specops Authentication Client can be found in “Add/Remove Programs” or “Programs and Features” from within the Windows Control Panel. Versions and releases may vary.

Note: Older versions of the Specops Authentication Client can be identified as “Specops uReset Client” or “Specops Password Client.”

The Specops Authentication Client can be used across the following Specops Software products:

  • Specops Password Reset
  • Specops uReset
  • Specops Password Policy

The current version can be downloaded here.

Note: You should not install the x86 version of the software on x64 based operating systems.

This case only requires an upgrade action which means installing over the pre-existing version.

  1. Determine the deployment method used, and create a deployment. The most common places to check are group policy software installation and Specops Deploy, SCCM or other 3rd party application management suites in use. To use GPO software installation:
    • Navigate to Computer Configuration, Policies, Software Settings, New, Package.
    • Import the latest client.
  2. When selecting the deployment method, select Assigned.
  3. Reboot test workstation to update policy and receive new deployment.

    Reboot test workstation to update policy and receive new deployment

  4. Validate the version in Add/Remove Programs.

Note: If you are upgrading from version 6.3 or lower of the Specops Authentication Client to the new Specops Authentication Client, you may need to use the updated ADMX/ADML files to configure things like alias URL’s and Custom Mobile Attributes etc. The ADMX files can be downloaded from the same link as detailed above and the settings transferred into the same GPO as before so that both the old and new clients are supported during the transition process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I have to upgrade my servers or management software?
A. Although keeping the server and client versions consistent is best practice, at this time only the client upgrade is required and does not require the rest of the software suite or management servers to be upgraded.

Q. Which software is recommended to upgrade?
A. The client-side extension affects Specops uReset, Password Policy and Password Reset client-side software with lesser versions than 7.11.17251.1.

Q. How often should we upgrade the management software? It appears that there are newer versions available.
A. Yes, the management software should be upgraded periodically, as we do release new features and fixes. You will be notified by email when a new release is available and release notes are provided on the support section of the website.

Q. Should I reboot after installation?
A. The technical answer is, it depends. A reboot is recommended as different operating systems, updates and other environmental issues may present themselves during this process which are not triggered until a reboot occurs. Software installation may be one of them.

Q. If a reboot is required, is there something that would notify or flag that a reboot is required within the software?
A. No, the MSI installer would respond to an automatic reboot switch silently, if none is available, it would not.