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    With an expanding threat landscape, prioritizing resources to remediate threats has become more important than ever. This Forrester report, published in December 2018, makes predictions on top 2019 cybersecurity threats based on common attacks we saw in 2018. Get your copy of Top Cybersecurity Threats in 2019 and learn: • Common types of external attacks…

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  • Block weak passwords in Healthcare

    This recorded webinar discusses the challenges of blocking weak passwords and presents an innovative solution. Specops Password Policy can be used to: Meet password policy compliance standards such as NHS and NCSC, Blacklist leaked password lists that hackers are using to gain access

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    Specops Password Blacklist is a hosted service comprised of more than 1 billion leaked passwords including the haveibeenpwned list. Download this datasheet to see how Specops Password Blacklist can increase authentication security.

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