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Compliance with regulatory authorities. Decrease IT support’s work load, and ensure that their customers always can access their accounts and thus provide high quality patient care.


High degree of enrollment has resulted in significantly lower volume of helpdesk tickets, and enhanced user experience.


Specops Password Reset
Specops Password Policy

Providing IT services and solutions to almost 10,000 users in the healthcare sector is no easy task. To reduce the frequency of account lockouts, HBL ICT had set passwords to never expire. Yet, HBL ICT was still resetting more than 600 accounts per month, equivalent to about 30% of all helpdesk tickets. The workload on the helpdesk resulted in lengthy wait times, which negatively impacted their customer service. But, it was only after a failed penetration test, when they realized it was time for a change. The systems that they had available were neither secure nor flexible enough.

HBL ICT was looking for a solution that could ease the workload for helpdesk, and be fully accessible to caregivers, independently of location and time of the day – on any browser and device. After consulting Gartner and scanning the market for a solution that best fit their need with the help of their IT partner BDS Solutions, they chose Specops Password Reset. As a complement, they chose Specops Password Policy to further strengthen security. They particularly valued the dictionary feature which allows them to block weak passwords that have made it on to breached lists.
HBL ICT created an internal communication plan to spread the word about Specops Password Reset. That included sending out e-mails and an automated message when someone rings the helpdesk. Since they got started about seven months ago, they have used optional enrollment, meaning that their users can choose to enroll or not. To date, almost 70% have enrolled. Joanna Konyeha, Senior Infrastructure Manager says: “Adoption rate is truly fantastic. Going forward, to get full usage, we will use enforced enrollment.”

They also find it valuable to be able to clearly see user statistics in the tool, especially the number of enrollments and the volume of resets. It helps them decide on what steps they should take going forward to further increase enrollment, giving them better ROI on the solution.

Joanna says: “Specops Password Reset is a fantastic tool, it does exactly what was promised and more.” It is half way through January and HBL ICT has had 800 self-service resets so far, which has had a major positive impact on helpdesk’s workload.

“Our end users are very happy, it is simple and straight forward. The fact that our users can reset their passwords on smart phones and over the Internet has greatly improved end user experience and ensured good quality patient care, especially for those working off site. Overall, end user experience is excellent.”

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