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Specops 2019: Heading in a New Direction

Specops Software is in the midst of a security revolution caused by digitalization and the move to the cloud. As companies put their data into the highly accessible cloud – protecting that data becomes a paramount concern. Notorious hacks and leaks such as Sony Pictures, LinkedIn, Yahoo, and Verizon, have driven the need to secure personal and business-critical information while regulatory organizations such as National Institute of Standards and Technology in the US and General Data Protection Regulation in the EU are forcing companies to employ better security practices. Failure to follow regulations will result in fines and, ultimately, loss of business or bankruptcy.

Specops Software’s role in this revolution is within securing access to data. Today this is done with passwords and Specops Software excels at managing passwords end-to-end. From setting hard-to-crack passwords to securely resetting passwords – we cover every step of this practice. Specops Software sets the standard for best practice in how and where to store critical data, such as encrypted passwords. Companies that perform IT audits recommend our solutions and counted among our password customers are the largest hotel chain in the world, the US military, major banks and IT service providers.

A shift is happening, where securing access to data will not only depend on passwords, but on alternative forms of authentication such as biometrics and combinations of authentication factors to increase security without compromising usability. This is why Specops Software is expanding its product portfolio into password and authentication management that will combine cutting edge technology with traditional IT security – creating a hybrid solution for companies wanting to take advantage of the cloud without compromising security. Launching a new product portfolio within authentication will meet a market need, but it also serves to accelerate the growth of Specops Software by opening a revenue stream higher on the value chain.

Specops is looking for a Product Manager to help drive expansion of our business and ensure the development of the product portfolio meets the market need within securing access to data. The role of PM is a central role in our company’s journey.

Specops Software’s headquarter is in Stockholm, Sweden with subsidiaries in UK, US and Canada. Specops Software has more than 40 employees globally.

Specops Software is in a growth period. Revenue is increasing by more than 15% with annual contract value growing more than 25% year over year. Our largest market is currently the United States, which makes up to more than 50% of the company revenue.

Why Specops: Why Not?

Smart people driving smart products built to solve complex problems in a simple way. Specops Software is a dynamic and hip global company that is extending its footprint into new areas.  What does this mean for the people that work here?

  • High level of engagement
  • A chance to make a difference
  • Growth opportunities – personal and professional

In a nutshell, Specops Software is a small company with a big focus on innovation.  With a great crew of forward thinking, driven, spirited people, we are heading to new horizons fast.  Hey, you don’t have to take our word for it, see what Specops employees are saying for yourself and check out the perks while you’re at it: https://specopssoft.com/careers/

Who are we looking for: You?

Specops Product Manager Role Description

The Product Manager is responsible for the product planning and execution throughout the product lifecycle, including: gathering and prioritizing product and customer requirements, defining the product strategy and roadmap and ensuring alignment with company strategy and direction; working closely with R&D, product services, product marketing and sales, along with the management team, to ensure that the product vision and execution supports the company’s overall strategy and goals. To be successful in this position, we see that you are a good communicator and coordinator with proven skills in relationship building. This is a highly important skill set as we are a global company with employees in different countries whom you will interact with. This position is open to be based out of either our Stockholm, Sweden, office or out of our Philadelphia, PA, office both located in the city center and will report directly to the CTO.

Key Responsibilities

  • Implement and own all aspects of Product Management – set long term vision and strategy for our company products and ensure alignment with our company strategy and direction
  • Define and communicate product strategy and vision to all relevant participants and stakeholders
  • Building product roadmaps by gathering and analyzing data from sources such as current products, market, competitors, customers, industry analysts, as well as internal sources such as stakeholders within the organization
  • Deliver an operating plan including achievement of growth objectives, market share, profit, ROI for specific channels within the organization and/or key customers
  • Transparency on prioritization and roadmap processes – you must be able to explain why to stakeholders, such as why you may prioritize one feature over another, or why you may prioritize one product over another for the next three quarters
  • Bring evidence-based decision making to stakeholders. It is easier to answer why, if you have the evidence
  • Gather feedback and enter items based on PS, sales and R&D that align with the strategy and process
  • Track items and report back to stakeholders e.g. priority, status
  • Scope releases that reflect roadmap vision and high priority items and track and report progress
  • Ensure technical product services team is trained and prepared on each release
  • Evangelize products (blogs, articles, forums, etc.)


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 10+ years’ experience in B2B software (security and infrastructure)
  • 3+ years’ managing entire product/product line life cycle from strategic planning to tactical activities
  • Experience with SaaS

Nice to have

  • Background in Identity and Access Management and/or the Authentication market
  • Previous sales and presales experience

If you are interested in this position, email your application to: careers(AT)specopssoft(DOT)com


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