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Upgrading Specops Authentication Gatekeepers on Server Core

For servers with Desktop Experience, the Gatekeeper can be upgraded directly within the Gatekeeper admin tool.

For Server Core server editions (or if you prefer to automate upgrades on any edition of Windows), the upgrade can also be done in PowerShell using the following script:

$GKVersion = Get-SpecopsAuthenticationGatekeeperVersionInformation
if ( $GKVersion.IsLatest -eq $false )
    Write-Output "Not the latest Version"
    $path = Get-SpecopsAuthenticationGatekeeperUpgradeFiles -VersionInformation $GKVersion.VersionInformation
    Update-SpecopsAuthenticationGatekeeper -MsiFilePath $path.AdminInstallationPath
    Update-SpecopsAuthenticationGatekeeper -MsiFilePath $path.ServerInstallationPath

July 27, 2020

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