Finding your identity in the digital space

Don’t let the title fool you. This is not so much a melodrama – but rather about our fragmented identities sprinkled in the ubiquitous digital space. Okay, maybe a little exaggerated, but let’s see how you feel after a... Read More

You could have guessed DNC’s weak passwords

Data breaches are no holds barred. No one is off-limits, especially not politicians. So it should not come as a surprise that WikiLeaks has released nearly 20,000 emails from the Democratic National Committee (DNC). What is rather surprising is... Read More

Your password: separating the weak from the strong

You are probably familiar with the basics of password security: Complexity is a necessity; and length equals strength. If you have a social media, or email account, chances are your password meets their minimum length and/or complexity requirements. But,... Read More

best password policy meme award

And the best password meme award goes to…

For a few weeks now we have been running a contest for SpiceHeads, IT professionals who use Spiceworks and thereby are official curators of all things Spicy. The inspiration for the contest came after attending several local SpiceCorps meetups,... Read More

Specops Password Reset Software for Windows and Active Directory

Security questions – a flawed model

It is ingrained in our mind that we should create secure passwords. Most times we attempt to create strong passwords that guard our information against hacker attacks but there’s a security hole we often overlook – security questions.  For... Read More