Top data breaches in 2015

3 steps to take after a security breach

For a long time now, Specops has been advising organizations on how to protect their network and data against common security threats. We’ve managed to cover everything from sophisticated social engineering tactics, to the simple phishing email, and most... Read More

Password policy mistakes

Taking a pass on passwords? Not so fast

News headlines of data breaches serve as constant reminders of the risks associated with passwords. While more and more industry standards and best practice guidelines are recommending multi-factor authentication, the majority of organizations still solely rely on password based... Read More

Weighted identities are the future of MFA

There’s a new sheriff in town Allow me to embellish – how else can you describe the sense of security one feels when the words Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) are uttered. With data breaches, system failures, and identity theft thickening... Read More

Credential stuffing – the password breach aftermath

RIP Passwords – the 2017 Data Breach Industry Forecast by Experian anticipates your demise. Until then, experts are predicting “aftershock” breaches. In 2016, there were 1,093 security incidents involving loss of sensitive data, and three billion credentials stolen worldwide.... Read More

Tightening security for the holidays

Most of us can hardly resist a good deal, especially when we can access it through a few clicks, and the added perk of avoiding crowded malls. With the holiday season approaching, and retailers touting their best deals, our... Read More