Press Release: New survey uncovers password security perceptions and practices in the UK

(Last updated on August 2, 2018)

Over 200 participants across the UK provided insights on their stance on securing passwords.

Stockholm, Sweden – January 25, 2018. Specops Software a leading provider of password security solutions today announced the results of an independent survey implemented by iGov and Exec Survey in collaboration with Ingenium. The survey provides insights on how IT departments are securing passwords in their organizations today.

Passwords are undoubtedly weak and vulnerable to attacks yet they remain the number one form of authentication. Due to this, IT departments are tasked to protect them. The survey gauges IT professionals’ stance on:

  • Importance of having a secure password policy
  • Impact of password policy on the end user experience
  • Reliance on passwords to secure sensitive data
  • Adherence to IT security compliance standards, such as PCI DSS, NCSC, PSN and ISO

Password management in the UK is seen as an essential part of security strategies, and most organizations are adhering to compliance standards.  However, the survey findings highlight some startling discrepancies in password security practices. For example, the majority of respondents recognize the importance of a secure password strategy and see it as a vital component of their IT security strategy. Yet only a third strongly agree that the users in their organizations are fully complying with their password policy. An even lower number of respondents strongly agree that their organizations are taking a proactive approach to password security.

With cyber security attacks becoming more prevalent, only a small percentage of respondents are very confident regarding their current password strategy’s ability to protect against attacks. A concerning find as a quarter of participants have experienced a security breach in the past two years.

The survey also uncovers some key differences in password security between private and public sectors. The latter, although regulated, and with a heavier reliance on passwords and a higher perceived attack risk, is less confident about their password security policy’s ability to stave off such attacks. An encouraging insight is that organizations across both sectors utilize a diverse mix of solutions to protect against attacks. However, password security solutions are not as prioritized as other security solutions, even though weak and stolen passwords are one of the main sources of cyber attacks.

For full survey results, read the full report: IT and password security in the UK.

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