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Error after capturing Windows 7×86

(Last updated on September 6, 2018)

If you install a client machine from a Windows 7 x86 DVD and follow all of the default options during the installation, you will most likely experience an issue while capturing that client with Specops Deploy. After Specops Deploy runs Sysprep and reboots, chances are that your client machine will freeze when windows is loading files.

The freezing occurs because a 100 MB system partition was created  during the operating system installation. The creation of the system partition occurs if the default options are used when installing the operating system from the Windows 7 x86 DVD. If you look in disk management you would see both the system partition and the C:OS partition.

There are a few ways you can workaround the issue of the system partition causing the capture to fail. The first is my recommended workaround. This would be to deploy the source files from Specops Deploy to the machine that you want to capture instead of using a Windows DVD to install the operating system. If you do this, you will not get the system partition and not have the issue. The second workaround, if you do need to use the DVD to install the operating system, would be to remove the system partition before you do the capture and make sure the the operating system partition is bootable. Terabyte provides the steps on how to do with on an MBR.

Shivaranjan.com has a detailed set of instructions on how to prevent the creations of a hidden system partition during installation of windows.

Once the system partition is removed and the OS Partition is bootable, go ahead and start your capture again. For more information on best practices suggested by Specops for capturing images, check out my colleague Mikael’s blog article on Keeping your Corporate Golden Image Golden. It is important to follow the recommended best practices from the Specops Product Specialists so that you can efficiently create the best captured images for your environment.

Happy Deployments!

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Heather Pacan

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