Display Computer Information during an OS Deployment

Our CTO Thorbjörn Sjövold came up with this handy utility for displaying some computer information during the preinstall phase of an OS Deployment. Since Specops Deploy is built on top of standard components like MDT, it’s easy for admins to... Read More

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Unable to Start the Specops Deploy Server service

Sometimes when the Specops Deploy Server Service attempts to start you receive an error saying the service is unable to start.  The details of the event log error message are as follows ==== Critical error when starting the service.... Read More

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Failing Specops Deploy package

A customer had a problem with a App Deploy package that’s not working. He says it works fine when executing manually with runas administrator, but it’s not working when using Specops Deploy, on a computer target. I asked him... Read More

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Unsupported Sysprep Scenarios

Specops Deploy is using Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, which is using Sysprep to capture a client when doing a new image. There are some scenarios that Microsoft does NOT support when doing sysprep as described in KB: 828287 Here is... Read More

WDS Multicast Configuration

When I’m doing a new Specops OS Deploy installation for a customer I’m always asking if they will be using Multicast and if they have it enabled/configured in the network. And I’m also recommending our customers to use Windows... Read More

How to automatically pre-stage unknown computers

I got an email from a customer asking if it’s somehow possible to install new computers without Pre-Staging them first. There is an interesting problem with a scenario like that. How do you distinguish between Unknown Clients that you... Read More

Access is Denied during OS Deployment

Problem: You receive an “Access is Denied” “Press OK (Enter) to shutdown (automatic shutdown in 10 minutes).” message on your client during an OS Deployment. This happens very early in the process, right when the client should report progress... Read More