How to choose the best security questions

It’s good to remember two things when choosing security questions: keep them safe and make sure you remember them. If another person can answer your security questions, they will be able to reset your password and gain access to... Read More

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Custom Attribute Mobile

Overview Specops Password Reset (SPR) leverages mobile devices for resetting passwords, and receiving new, possibly temporary, passwords from the Service Desk. When organizations choose to use Mobile Devices, the mobile numbers must be available to the Service Desk. SPR... Read More

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Orphaned Deployments

I have been known to say “Group Policy comes without a this may be a career limiting configuration change you are about to make, are you sure!? message.” You can do a lot of things with GP that can cause... Read More

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Migrating users with sub-objects can fail

Specops Password Reset (SPR) and Specops Password Policy (SPP) take full advantage of Active Directory. SPR creates a classStore Object called specops-spp-passwordreset. SPP creates a classstore Object called specops-spp-passwordhistory. Both of these objects can prevent migration tools, such as... Read More

Deleting Orphaned Deployments

This may not be the best title for this post. Deleting Orphaned Deployments may be the solution, but it is surely not the problem. The technique described here is something that you can use in other situations where an... Read More

Reset passwords with mobile app

We know what it’s like to get blasted with helpdesk calls after every holiday and vacation period. As long as people use passwords, people will forget passwords. Which is why we’ve made resetting passwords even easier with our mobile... Read More

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Multiple Drives Causes a Deployment Error

My colleague Johan had lent his tablet to Mikael, another fellow Product Specialist, to evaluate for a few days.  When Mikael started to deploy Windows 8 to the tablet with Specops Deploy, he got the following error:  Failure (5456):... Read More

Passphrases: Why Should I Care?

Longer passwords are stronger passwords. It really is just math. The comic below shows the value. Stronger passwords are harder to crack and easier to remember. They increase security while improving end-user productivity and satisfaction. The following image is... Read More

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Mobile Verification Configuration Options

Using the Mobile Verification capabilities of Specops Password Reset increases the security of your environment. The combination of “something only the user knows,” (questions and answers), and “something only the user has,” (mobile device), is the basis of dual... Read More