Prepare the helpdesk for self-service

The helpdesk staff is an important factor in the success of your self-service password reset rollout project. The helpdesk staff needs to know what is going to change, why the organization is making the change, and what they need... Read More

Self-service password reset benefits

What’s in it for the end users?

When rolling out the self-service password reset solution, your users need to know why the solution is being introduced. Because the solution requires end-users to change their behavior, you need to outline the self-service password reset benefits that answer... Read More

multi-factor authentication in password resets

Turn mobiles into high-trust devices

Passwords have well-known drawbacks for user authentication. They are hard to remember and easy to hack. Organizations are increasingly adopting two-factor or multi-factor authentication to strengthen passwords and safeguard online information. The high-trust device in your pocket It the... Read More

Better password security with multi-factor authentication

Who knows the answers to your security questions?

Security questions, also known as challenge questions or secret questions, are a way to help you recover access to accounts when you forget your passwords. Security questions are meant to protect your accounts but they can actually provide hackers... Read More

claims-based identity management

Claims-Based Identity: A Better Model for Authentication

Claims-based identity is a common method used by applications to obtain identity information about a user that another application has authenticated. Claims are pieces of information about a user that have been packaged and signed into security tokens and... Read More

Specops Password Reset Software for Windows and Active Directory

Security questions – a flawed model

It is ingrained in our mind that we should create secure passwords. Most times we attempt to create strong passwords that guard our information against hacker attacks but there’s a security hole we often overlook – security questions.  For... Read More