Adobe Reader best practices for desktop management with App Deploy

Adobe Reader best practices with App Deploy

A customer recently asked me: What is the best way to handle all of the numerous Adobe updates?  After the initial install, updates may be required quite frequently.  How do you manage it?  I turned to my colleague Johan... Read More

specify the AD attribute to search from the helpdesk

Search for custom AD attributes from the helpdesk

From Specops Password Reset (SPR) 6.4 and onwards, there will be a new registry setting that will allow you to specify the AD attribute to search from the helpdesk. If the registry setting is not set, the default will... Read More

Ditch Pointless Password Policies

UK spy agency wants you to ditch pointless password policies

The UK intelligence agency, the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), released new password guidance in a report titled “Password guidance: simplifying your approach.” The guidance acknowledges the “password overload” problem people face when remembering multiple passwords and the difficulty in... Read More

Top data breaches in 2015

Top data breaches in 2015

2015 is the year that every organization woke up to the dire state of security. As the year comes to an end, we look back on some of the high-profile top data breaches and the damage they have done.... Read More

Why is password reset a security loophole?

Why is password reset a security loophole?

Authentication is a process of validating the identity of a user that is trying to gain access to an application or system. While many companies have taken the steps to implement strong authentication, they don’t always require users to... Read More

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Press release: Specops Software Supports Deployment of Windows 10

Specops Deploy 6.0 supports deployment of all current Windows operating systems, including Windows 10. Specops Deploy 6.0 now available Supports deployment of Windows 10 Supports Windows Defender management Stockholm, Sweden – October 20, 2015. Specops Software announced today support... Read More

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Install Silverlight using MDT

Silverlight is a free Microsoft plug-in, powered by the .NET framework and compatible with multiple browsers, devices, and operating systems. While it is not a part of your native operating system, it contains a new degree of interactivity for... Read More

Application deployment without repackaging

Application deployment without repackaging

IT administrators working in a complex environment usually have to manage a large portfolio of applications. A lot of times you have to repackage applications to simplify deployment, especially when you update images, customize installations and work with legacy applications that... Read More

zero touch deployment for Lab computers

Reimage the entire lab remotely with zero touch deployment

Computer labs require daily or weekly refreshes. Wouldn’t it be nice to remotely reinstall OS, distribute applications, lockdown lab computers against viruses without physically going to every computer when you have to do something? Sometimes you just don’t have... Read More