Knowledge Based Authentication fails to deliver

Knowledge based authentication (KBA) has long been used as the backup verification method when someone has forgotten their password. But even if it is regularly in use, it fails to deliver on the identity verification promise. Static and dynamic... Read More

New MFA requirements for PCI password compliance

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) regulates security practices to protect cardholder data. Password compliance plays an important role in the PCI standards by dictating password complexity to strengthen defense against unauthorized access. New requirements coming... Read More

Password policy mistakes

Taking a pass on passwords? Not so fast

News headlines of data breaches serve as constant reminders of the risks associated with passwords. While more and more industry standards and best practice guidelines are recommending multi-factor authentication, the majority of organizations still solely rely on password based... Read More


Upgrading Windows ADK to Version 1703 (known issue)

The latest version of Windows ADK was released on April 2017. The ADK supports Windows Deployments with 1703 and earlier. More details on changes and release notes for ADK 1703 While there are some changes to core components that... Read More

Remove Specops Authentication Client Start menu shortcuts

The Specops Authentication is a shared Client that provides functionality for Specops Password Policy, Specops uReset, and Specops Password Reset. For uReset & Password Reset, the Client provides Start menu shortcuts, a Reset Password link on the login screen,... Read More